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Message of the Day

There has been a lot of news in the past 24 hours about the security vulnerability in a version of OpenSSL, commonly known as the “Heartbleed Bug”. OpenSSL is a tool used by various parties to to help keep Internet communications private. Understandably you may have questions about how this threat might impact your private information. FCB uses several internet facing applications provided by 3rd party venders. All of which have been contacted regarding the Open SSL vulnerability. No systems have been identified that require remediation. We are maintaining continuing communication with our venders regarding this concern. We take the responsibility of keeping your personal information and financial details protected very seriously at First Commercial Bank.

Microsoft has announced on April 8 they will no longer support Windows XP. If you are currently using Windows XP, Microsoft recommends you upgrade to a supported operating system to ensure access to the latest security updates they provide.

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